BET Action (Paradise City) Edit

1997-2000 Edit

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The Network aired action shows and movies. The network went off the air on August 31, 2000 due to decrease in ratings.


Programming Edit

  • Pointman(1997)
  • COPS(1997-2000)
  • Babylon 5(1997-1999)
  • The A-Team(1997-2000)
  • Law & Order(1997-2000)
  • 21 Jump Street(1998-2000)
  • ECW Hardcore TV(1997-2000)
  • Earth: Final Conflict(1999-2000)
  • World's Wildest Police Videos(2000)
  • Kung Fu: The Legend Continues(1997-1998)
  • BET Action Feature Presentation(Movie)(1997-2000)
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