NBC PPV (Beach City) Edit

1982-1986 Edit

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1986-1988 Edit

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SportsChannel Pay-Per View (Beach City) Edit

1988-1995 Edit

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1995-1997 Edit

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The WB PPV (Beach City) Edit

1997-1999 Edit

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WB Box Office (Beach City) Edit

1999-2000 Edit

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2000-2006 Edit

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CW Box Office (Beach City) Edit

2006-Present Edit

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Programming Edit

Current Edit

  • New Movies(1982-Present)
  • New Adult Movies(1982-Present)
  • Sexual Reel Network(1991-2000: 2005-Present)(Original Series)
  • Every WWF/WWE Pay-Per View(Including UK Exclusive & WWE Network Exclusive events)(1985-Present)
  • Event TNA/Impact! Pay-Per View(Incuding One Night Only and Impact! Plus Events)(2004-Present)

Former Edit

  • Every ECW Pay-Per View(1993-2001: 2005-2006)
  • Every NWA/JCP/WCW Pay-Per View(Including International events)(1983-2001)
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