DuMont (Beach City) Edit

1953-1967 Edit


DuMont would launched on January 1, 1953 and would shut down on August 31, 1967.

Programming Edit

Former Edit

  • Jazz Party(1958-1959)
  • NBA on DuMont(1953-1954)
  • The Music Show(1953-1955)
  • Life is Worth Living(1953-1959)
  • Dollar a Second(1953-1958)
  • Concert Tonight(1954-1956)
  • Battles of The Ages(1953)
  • DuMont Feature Film(1953-1967)
  • Hollywood Preview(1955-1956)
  • Chance of a Lifetime(1953-1957)
  • NFL Football on DuMont(1953-1967)
  • DuMont Beach City News(1953-1960)(Original Series)
  • NWA Friday Night Wrestling(1958-1967)(Original Series)
  • Boxing From Eastern Parkway(1953-1956)
  • Boxing From St. Nicholas Arena(1954-1956)
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