M2 (Angel Grove) Edit

1996-1999 Edit


FOX Records 2 (Angel Grove) Edit

1999-2007 Edit

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2007-2008 Edit

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FOX Music Plus (Angel Grove) Edit

2008-2012 Edit

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In 2012, FOX Announced that FOX Music Plus is ceasing operations.

Programming Edit

Former Edit

  • Bidding Network(2011-2012)
  • 120 Minutes(2006-2009)
  • Yo! MTV Raps(2001-2006)
  • Videos of The Week(1998-2004)(Original Series)
  • Top 10 Videos of The Day(1996-2011)(Original Series)
  • Nightclub Party(2000-2004)(Original Series)
  • Tha Hip-Hop Beefz(2008-2009)(Original Series)
  • All About Pop Music(2002-2012)(Original Series)
  • Nighttime Hits!(1996-1999)(Original Series)
  • AM Music Videos(1996-2001)(Original Series)
  • Late Night Beatz(2001-2012)(Original Series)
  • The Artist Playlist(1996-2012)(Original Series)
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