FOX Sports (Beach City) Edit

1993-2008 Edit

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2008-2014 Edit

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2014-Present Edit


Programming Edit

Current Edit

  • AEW Dark(2019-Present)
  • NWA Power(2019-Present)
  • MLW Fusion(2018-Present)
  • NFL Football(1993-Present)
  • NBA Basketball(1993-Present)
  • MLB Baseball(1993-Present)
  • NASCAR Racing(1993-Present)
  • AEW Dynamite(2019-Present)
  • XFL Football(2001: 2020-Present)
  • Ring of Honor Wrestling(2009-Present)
  • Women of Wrestling(2000-2001: 2011-Present)
  • West Coast Wrestling Connection(2014-Present)
  • Championship Wrestling from Hollywood(2010-Present)
  • Late Night Sports Show(1996-Present)(Original Series)
  • FOX Sports Headlines(1993-Present)(Original Series)

Upcoming Edit

  • TBA

Former Edit

  • ECW on TNN(1999-2001)
  • ECW Hardcore TV(1993-2001)
  • WCW Thunder(1998-2001)
  • WCW Monday Nitro(1995-2001)
  • MLW Underground TV(2003-2004)
  • The Josh Parker Show(1993-1994)(Original Series)
  • WCW Clash of Champions(1993-2000)
  • WCW Worldwide(1993-2001)(Moved from NBC Sports/SportsChannel(Beach City))
  • WCW Main Event(1993-1998)(Moved from SportsChannel(Beach City))
  • WCW Pro Wrestling(1993-1998)(Moved from NBC Sports/SportsChannel(Beach City))
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