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1995-2000 Edit

Fox Sports Net 1999

FOX Sports Net Paradise City Edit

2000-2004 Edit

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FSN Paradise City Edit

2004-2008 Edit

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2008-2013 Edit

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FOX Sports Paradise City Edit

2013-Present Edit

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Programming Edit

Current Edit

  • International Challenge(2010-Present)(Original Series)
  • NHL Hockey(1995-Present)
  • AHL Hockey(1995-Present)
  • NFL Football(1995-Present)
  • ECHL Hockey(1995-Present)
  • NBA Basketball(1995-Present)
  • NBA D-League/G-League Basketball(2001-Present)
  • Sports Top 10(2013-Present)(Original Series)
  • FOX Sports News(1995-Present)(Original Series)

Upcoming Edit

  • XFL Football(Revival)(February 2020)

Former Edit

  • Impact! Wrestling(2004-2005)(Moved to VH1 R(Paradise City))
  • XFL Football(Original)(2001)
  • XSL Soccer(2008-2009)
  • The Bracket(2002-2005)(Original Series)
  • Beer Geeks(2012-2014)
  • TNA Xplosion(2002-2005)(Moved to VH1 R(Paradise City))
  • Party Tonight(1995-1997)(Original Series)
  • FOX Sports' Late Night Theater(1998-2014)(Original Series)
  • The David and Martin Morning Show(1999-2004)(Original Series)
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