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Fictional TV Channels Wiki is about the fictional television channels from fictional locations.

  • Created by: Viper(Vipernation TV)
  • Focus on Networks from Fictional Cities such as Car City, Paradise City, Angel Grove, and More.

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ABN (Kakariko Village)ABN Kids (Kakariko Village)
Adult Swim (Paradise City)AnimatedTV
Anime All-Stars(Video Game SeriesBET (Angel Grove)BET (Beach City)
BET (Kakariko Village)BET (Paradise City)BET Action (Paradise City)
BET Car CityBET Jazz (Paradise City)BET Movies (Paradise City)
Buzzr (Beach City)Buzzr 2 (Beach City)CBS(Car City)
CBS Animation (Kakariko Village)CN Car CityCW Arena (Beach City)
CW Box Office (Beach City)CW Sports (Beach City)Cartoon Network (Beach City)
Cinemax 2 (Paradise City)Cinemáx (Paradise City)
Comedy Central (Angel Grove)Comedy Central (Beach City)Disney Channel (Beach City)
Disney XD (Beach City)DuMont (Beach City)E! (Beach City)
ESPN (Paradise City)ESPN Classic (Paradise City)FOX2 (Paradise City)
FOXMundo (Beach City)FOX (Angel Grove)FOX (Beach City)
FOX (Kakariko Village)FOX (Paradise City)FOX Adult Swim (Beach City)
FOX En Español (Angel Grove)FOX Kids (Beach City)FOX Music (Angel Grove)
FOX Music Plus (Angel Grove)FOX Showcase (Beach City)FOX Sports (Beach City)
FOX Sports Paradise CityFX (Angel Grove)Fictional tv channels Wiki
Food Network (Beach City)Fox Life (Beach City)Fun and Games
G4 (Angel Grove)
GSN2 (Angel Grove)GSN (Angel Grove)Game Show Network (Paradise City)
Game Show Network 2 (Paradise City)General DiscussionHITS (Paradise City)
History (Angel Grove)Ion Television (Angel Grove)
MTV(Car City) & MTV2(Car City)MTV2 (Beach City)MTV2 (Paradise City)
MTV (Beach City)MTV (Paradise City)MTV Base (Beach City)
MTV Classic (Paradise City)MTV Entertainment (Beach City)MTV Entertainment (Kakariko Village)
MTV Games(Car City)MTV Games (Angel Grove)MTV Gold (Kakariko Village)
MTV Hits (Paradise City)MTV Idol (Beach City)MTV Kids(Car City)
MTV Music(Car City)MTV South American Music AwardsMTV Sports(Car City)
MTV Tr3s (Paradise City)MTV Trax (Paradise City)
NBC-TV (TV Station)New on Wikia starter pages
News and AnnouncementsNick@Nite (Paradise City)
NickMusic (Paradise City)Nick (Beach City)
Nick XD (Beach City)Nickelodeon (Angel Grove)
Nickelodeon (Paradise City)Paradise City Television Ratings
Paradise City Video Game RatingsParamount Network (Paradise City)Prima Comedy Central (Beach City)
Questions and AnswersRAGE(Beach City)Rockstar Games
SYFY (Angel Grove)Spike 2 (Paradise City)SportsChannel Paradise City
Syfy (Beach City)TBS (Paradise City)TBS Action (Paradise City)
TBS SYFY (Paradise City)TNT (Beach City)TalkTV (Beach City)
Telemundo (Paradise City)Teletoon (Angel Grove)Teletoon (Paradise City)
The CW (Beach City)Toonami (Angel Grove)Toonami (Beach City)
Toonami (Kakariko Village)Toonami (Paradise City)Toonami En Español (Beach City)
Tr3s (Beach City)USA Network (Paradise City)Univision(Car City)
VH-Uno (Paradise City)VH1 (Angel Grove)
VH1 (Paradise City)VH1 R (Paradise City)VH1 Soul (Paradise City)
VH2 (Paradise City)WEUK
WKHFWMax (Paradise City)WPSY-TV
WXRVWrestleZone(TV Block)XtremeTV
¡Sorpresa! (Beach City)
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