BET History (Angel Grove)(1st Era) Edit

1989-1996 Edit

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1996-2001 Edit

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2001-2005 Edit

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The BET History Channel (Angel Grove) Edit

2005-2008 Edit

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BET History (Angel Grove)(2nd Era) Edit

2008-2009 Edit

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History (Angel Grove) Edit

2009-2015 Edit

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2015-Present Edit

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Programming Edit

Current Edit

  • Feature Presentation(1989-Present)
  • Ax Men(2008-Present)
  • Judge Judy(1996-Present)
  • Judge Jerry(2019-Present)
  • Live PD(2016-Present)
  • Live PD: Police Patrol(2017-Present)
  • Live PD: Roll Call(2017-Present)
  • Storage Wars(2011-Present)
  • The First 48(2004-Present)
  • 60 Days In(2016-Present)
  • Pawn Stars(2009-Present)
  • American Pickers(2010-Present)
  • Mountain Men(2012-Present)
  • Counting Cars(2012-Present)
  • The Maury Pivoch Show(1991-Present)
  • The Jerry Springer Show(1991-Present)
  • The Steve Wilkos Show(2007-Present)

Upcoming Edit

  • OCT: Occult Crimes Taskforce(TBA)

Former Edit

  • Later(1989-2003)
  • Comic Strip Live(1989-1994)
  • Gangland(2008-2014)
  • Night Court(1989-1997)
  • Judge Mills Lane(1998-2001)
  • The Jon Stewart Show(1994-1997)
  • Cajun Pawn Stars(2012-2013)
  • Beyond Scared Straight(2011-2017)
  • The Biggest Outlaws(2001)(Original Series)
  • Best Jail Fights(1999-2000)(Original Series)
  • The History of Asia(1991-1992)(Original Series)
  • The History of Europe(1989-1992)(Original Series)
  • The History of America(1989-1999: 2004-2007)(Original Series)
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