MTV2 (Beach City) Edit

1997-2000 Edit


2000-2005 Edit


2005-2020 Edit

MTV2 has been replaced by MTV Base(Beach City) on September 14, 2020.

Programming Edit

Former Edit

  • Subterranean(2003-2011)
  • The Definitive(2002-2004)
  • Hip-Hop Shop(2009-2012)
  • White Guy Talk Show(2015)
  • Daily Download(2004-2006)
  • Fuse Top 20 Countdown(2010-2017)
  • The Today Show on MTV2(2003-2010)
  • AM Playlist(2010-2020)(Original Series)
  • Interactive Music Exchange(2003-2004)
  • MTV2 Mornings(1997-2003)(Original Series)
  • 5@5(2001-2006: 2010-2020)(Original Series)
  • Underground Hits(1997-1998)(Original Series)
  • Hip-Hop Evenings(2007-2020)(Original Series)
  • Hip-Hop After School(1997-2020)(Original Series)
  • Nighttime Countdown(1997-2009)(Original Series)
  • Digital Music @ 6:00am(2003-2010)(Original Series)
  • Partying with The Music(1997-2002)(Original Series)
  • Direct Effect/Sucker Free(2000-2020)(Moved to MTV Base(Beach City))
  • Sucker Free Sunday/Countdown(2003-2020)(Moved to MTV Base(Beach City))
  • Late Night Dirty Rap(2002-2020)(Original Series)(Moved to MTV Base(Beach City))
  • Fuse Loaded(Known as MTV2 Loaded in Beach City)(2003-2020)(Moved to MTV Base(Beach City))
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