MTV Base (Angel Grove) Edit

1990-1999 Edit

MTV Base 1999

1999-2001 Edit


MTV Games (Angel Grove) Edit

2001-2005 Edit


MTV Games ceased operations on December 31st, 2005.

Programming Edit

Former Edit

  • Underground TV(1994-2004)(Original
  • Urban Hits(1990-1997)(Original Series)
  • Best of The Rapper(1996-2005)(Original Series)
  • Late Night Dirty Videos(2000-2005)(Original Series)
  • The Lyrics Board(1992-1997)(Moved to GSN2(Angel Grove))
  • Turn It Up!(1990-1991)
  • Trashed(1994-1995)
  • Singled Out(1995-1998)
  • Remote Control(2001-2005)
  • Room Raiders(2004-2005)(Moved to GSN2(Angel Grove))
  • The Blame Game(1999-2003)
  • R&B Jams(1999-2003)(Original Series)
  • Pop Playlist(1990-2005)(Original Series)
  • Double The Artist(1992-1993)(Original Series)
  • Raggae Chilldown(1998-2001)(Original Series)
  • Hip-Hop Countdown(1990-2005)(Original Series)
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