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1990-1993 Edit

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MTV Sports(First Era) Edit

1993-1997 Edit

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1997-April 2001 Edit

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April-June 2001 Edit

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MTV Sports Would air classic NBA, NHL, NFL, & MLB Games during overnight hours starting in April 2001. MTV Sports would stop airing WCW Shows on 4/1/01.

MTV Sports started airing independent wrestling promotions. XPW aired on Fridays @ 11pm, OVW Wrestling would air on Saturdays @ 6pm & Sundays @ 11am, & WWA Wrestling would air on Mondays @ 9pm.

MTV Sports would start airing a Spanish version of the channel called MTV Deportes on 4/1/01.


June 2001-2011 Edit

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2011-2014 Edit

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MTV Sports(Second Era) Edit

2014-2015 Edit

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MTV Sports closed in August 2015.

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