News Network (1st Era) Edit

1952-1967 Edit

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1967-1969 Edit

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ABC News Network (Paradise City) Edit

1969-1994 Edit

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News Network (2nd Era) Edit

1994-1996 Edit

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VH1 News (Paradise City) Edit

1996-1998 Edit

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1998-2004 Edit

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NewsTV (Paradise City) Edit

2013-2019 Edit

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NewsTV Closed on December 31, 2019 due to low viewership.

Programming Edit

Former Edit

  • ABC World News Tonight(Formerly ABC News, & With The News)(1953-2019)
  • 20/20(1978-2019)(Moved to TBS Action(Paradise City))
  • GMA3: Strahan, Sara & Keke(Formerly GMA Day, & Strahan and Sara)(2018-2019)(Moved to FOX(Paradise City))
  • AM America(1975)
  • This Week(1981-2019)
  • Good Morning America(1975-2019)(Moved to FOX(Paradise City))
  • America This Morning(1982-2019)(Moved to FOX(Paradise City))
  • Nightline(1980-2019)(Moved to FOX(Paradise City))
  • CBS Morning News(1963-1979: 1982-2019)
  • CBS This Morning(Formerly The Early Show)(1987-2019)
  • CBS News Sunday Morning(1979-2019)
  • Face The Nation(1954-2019)
  • CBS Evening News(Formerly CBS Television News, & With The News)(1952-2019)
  • 60 Minutes(1968-2019)
  • 48 Hours(1988-2019)(Moved to FOX2(Paradise City))
  • Meet The Press(1952-2019)
  • Today(NBC)(1952-2019)
  • NBC Nightly News(1970-2019)
  • Weekend Today(Today Weekend(Sat)/Sunday Today(Sun))(1987-2019)
  • Early Today(1999-2019)
  • Dateline NBC(1992-2019)(Moved to FOX2(Paradise City))
  • PBS NewsHour(Formerly The Robert MacNeil Report, The MacNeil/Lehrer Report, The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour, & The NewsHour)(1975-2019)(Moved to TBS(Paradise City))
  • Noticias Telemundo(1996-2019)(Moved to MTV Tr3s(Paradise City))
  • Noticiero Telemundo Fin De Semana(2001-2007: 2014-2019)(Moved to MTV Tr3s(Paradise City))
  • Noticiero Univision(Formerly Noticiero Nacional SIN)(1986-2019)
  • Noticiero Univision: Fin de Semana(1998-2019)
  • Noticiero Univision: EdiciĆ³n Noctuma(1987-2001: 2011-2019)
  • Al Punto(2007-2019)
  • FOX News Sunday(1996-2019)(Moved to FOX(Paradise City))
  • Primer Impacto(1994-2019)
  • The 700 Club(1966-2019)
  • News Network/ABC News Network/VH1 News/NewsTV@6pm(1960-2019)(Original Series)
  • VH1 News/NewsTV All Night(1999-2019)(Original Series)
  • 20/20 Downtown/Downtown(1999-2002)
  • Primetime(1989-2012)
  • Our World(1986-1987)
  • Turning Point(1994-1999)
  • Issue and Answers(1960-1961)
  • BET Nightly News(2001-2005)
  • European News Tonight(1972-1981)(Original Series)
  • 60 Minutes II(1999-2005)
  • West 57th(1985-1989)
  • Weekend(1974-1979)
  • NBC News Overnight(1982-1983)
  • NBC News at Sunrise(1983-1999)
  • Noticiero Telemundo CNN(1988-1996)
  • Noticiero Telemundo Internacional(1999-2011)
  • NewsTable(1965-1969)(Original Series)
  • WWWF/WWF on ABC News Network(1974-1990)(Original Series)
  • News Network/ABC News Network@5pm(1952-1993)(Original Series)
  • News Network/ABC News Network/VH1 News@Noon(1954-2006)(Original Series)
  • News Network This Week(1959-1960)(Original Series)
  • News Network/ABC News Network Week RoundUp(1968-1976)(Original Series)
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