ABC Sports Plus Edit

1977-1980 Edit

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SportsChannel Paradise City Edit

1980-1995 Edit

Early 1980's thru mid 90's now defunct Sports Channel logo

1995-2004 Edit

Mid 1990's SportsChannel Logo

Programming Edit

  • ABC Sports Plus/SportsChannel News(1978-2003)(Original Series)
  • SportsNight(1984-2004)(Original Series)
  • Beyond The Mat: The Series(1999-2004)(Original Series)
  • Wrestling Recap(1980-1987)(Original Series)
  • Wrestling in Rome(1983-1987)(Original Series)
  • MLB Baseball(1977-2004)
  • NBA Basketball(1977-2004)
  • MLS Soccer(1999-2004)
  • Horse Racing TV(1983-1991)(Original Series)
  • NBA Late Night(1986-1991)(Original Series)
  • Sports Illustrated Weekly(1997-2004)(Original Series)
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