MTV Musica (Beach City) Edit

1996-2002 Edit

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MTV Español (Beach City) Edit

2002-2006 Edit

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MTV Tr3s (Beach City) Edit

2006-2010 Edit

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Tr3s (Beach City) Edit

2010-Present Edit


Programming Edit

Current Edit

  • Danny Phantom(2004-Present)
  • El Flow(Hip-Hop Music Videos)(2010-Present)
  • Clasicos(Classic Music Videos)(2017-Present)
  • WWE Raw(1996-Present)(Dubbed in Spanish)
  • Los Casagrandes(The Casagrandes)(2019-Present)
  • Una Casa de Locos(The Loud House)(2016-Present)
  • Impact! Wrestling(2004-Present)(Dubbed in Spanish)
  • WWE Main Event(2012-Present)(Dubbed in Spanish)
  • Bob Esponja(SpongeBob SquarePants)(1999-Present)
  • MiTRL(Tr3s Version of TRL)(2006-2010: 2015-Present)
  • WWE SmackDown!(1999-Present)(Dubbed in Spanish)
  • Ren y Stimpy(Ren & Stimpy)(1996-2004: 2016-Present)
  • La Hora Nacional(Indie Latin Artists Music)(2014-Present)
  • 2X1(Back to Back songs from a single artist)(2012-Present)
  • Sucker Free Latino(Tr3s Version of Sucker Free)(2006-2010: 2017-Present)
  • La Vida Moderna de Rocko(Rocko's Modern Life)(1996-2005: 2017-Present)

Upcoming Edit

  • Campamento Coral(Kamp Koral)(2021)

Former Edit

  • CatDog(1998-2011)
  • KaBlam!(1997-2001)
  • Los Equis(The X's)(2006-2007)
  • Clarissa Explains it All(1997-2004)
  • Zona Tiza(ChalkZone)(2002-2008)
  • Invasor Zim(Invader Zim)(2001-2008)
  • ¡Oye Arnold!(Hey Arnold!)(1996-2009)
  • Ginger(As Told by Ginger)(2001-2008)
  • Aventuras en Pañales(Rugrats)(1996-2009)
  • Rugrats Crecidos(All Grown Up!)(2003-2010)
  • MTV Musica Dias(1996-1999)(Original Series)
  • MTV Musica Tarde(1996-2000)(Original Series)
  • Morning Latino Hits(1999-2012)(Original Series)
  • MTV Musica Noche(1996-2000)(Original Series)
  • After School Playlist(1996-2015)(Original Series)
  • Billboard Charts Playlist(1999-2010)(Original Series)
  • Top 20 Latin Countdown(1996-2015)(Original Series)
  • Los Padrinos Mágicos(Fairy OddParents)(2001-2019)
  • Jenny La Robot Adolescente(My Life as a Teenage Robot)(2003-2009)
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